Time of day optional rate

Learning more about “how to” and “when to” use your electricity might end up saving you money!


Our Residential and Small Commercial Time of Day Optional Rate may be a scheduling change to consider!


To sign up or for more information about our Time of Day Optional Rate, contact Member Services at
(970) 945-5491.

Note: One-year minimum participation is required under this rate.

How to take advantage of our low Off-Peak rates.

  • Install programmable thermostats to control heating system.
  • Install a timer to control heat tape (gutters / roof).
  • Install a timer to control electric water heater.
  • Install an insulated blanket around water heater.
  • Install low-flow shower heads.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LED’s.

When to take advantage of our low Off-Peak rates.

  • Heat your home or business during Off-Peak hours.
  • Recharge your electric water heater during Off-Peak hours.
  • Schedule duties such as baking, clothes washing, and drying during Off-Peak hours.
  • Use an electric thermal storage system (ETS) for supplemental heat during Off-Peak hours.


Call member services at (970) 945-5491. For more information on our Time of Use rate, see our Rules, Regulations, and Tariffs.

On-Peak HoursOn-Peak: 4pm to 9pm. Off-Peak: 9pm to 4pm.

4:00 – 9:00 P.M., 7 days a week.

6.0 ¢ off peak
24.0 ¢ on peak