Mission and Vision


Holy Cross Energy is leading the responsible transition to a clean energy future.


Holy Cross Energy provides safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy and services that improve the quality of life for our members and their communities.


Safety – We are committed to the safety and welfare of all employees and the general public through education, awareness, training and prevention. Each one of us is responsible and accountable for identifying, preventing and correcting workplace safety issues. Individual and collective safety within this organization depends on each one of us!

Teamwork – We develop teams throughout the organization that foster mutual support, synergy, opportunity, continuous learning and achievement of common goals. We strive to create a teamwork environment that builds on the strength of each individual employee (including their talents, skills, interests and expertise).

Accountability – Regardless of our role, we each take ownership and responsibility for creating a strong and effective organization. We are accountable as individuals, as employees of Holy Cross as a whole, and as members of the community for our ethical conduct, compliance with Holy Cross’s Rules and Regulations and policies, and we embrace responsibility for our words and actions.

Integrity – We strive for equity and fairness in our decision-making and in our treatment of one another, and are committed to being honest in both our internal and external working relationships. We hold ourselves accountable for following through on our commitments and “walking our talk.”

Respect – We take pride in the diversity and uniqueness of our employees and members, and we recognize that differences ultimately make us stronger as an organization. We strive to treat each other and our members with the highest degree of dignity, empathy and trust.

Service – We are committed to meeting customer needs and expectations, both internal and external, with determination, creativity, respect and enthusiasm.

Leadership at all Levels – We each recognize that, regardless of our role, we have the opportunity to lead our peers, managers, employees and members every day. We recognize the impact that we have on others, and we take ownership for the health and effectiveness of our team.