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Peak Time Payback

Peak Time Payback (PTP) is a program that rewards members for reducing electricity usage during Peak Time Payback Events, which are blocks of time (typically two to three hours) when we forecast the need for electricity will be higher than usual.  During these times of high demand, our costs for power are much higher than at other times during the month. We calculate your average baseline usage before the event and compare it to what you actually use during the event.  If you reduce usage, Holy Cross Energy saves money and shares that savings with you!

The program is voluntary and open to residential and commercial members. There’s no cost or risk to participate in the program, just an opportunity to get a bill credit for using less electricity during PTP Events. There is no penalty for not reducing during events.

How the program works?

Once you’ve enrolled in the program you will receive an alert a day in advance via email or text message informing you about the upcoming Peak Time Payback Event. Typically, PTP Events will occur on weekdays (but weekend/holiday events are possible), between the hours of 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. PTP Events are typically two to three hours in duration. We’re anticipating no more than 96 PTP hours to be issued in a calendar year, however, depending on weather and system-wide electricity use that number could vary.

PTP-friendly products

Here’s a list of products that can be used to decrease your energy use and maximize your participation in Peak time Payback.

We are using the PTP program to reduce the amount of electricity we have to buy from wholesalers when the cost is high by asking members to voluntarily reduce their usage during times of high demand. In other words, we would rather pay you, our members, for conserving energy, instead of paying a wholesaler to provide more energy.

How much can you earn?

There are two categories of peak time events with different pricing:

  • Critical event payback is $1.50 for each kWh reduced compared to your baseline
  • High event payback is $0.75 for each kWh reduced compared to your baseline

We calculate how much you would typically use during a PTP Event and compare it to what you actually use during the event. This baseline value represents what you would have used in each hour during the event. If you reduce your electricity use below that expected baseline, you will earn credit for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) you reduce during any peak event. HCE anticipates the number of PTP event hours to be no more than 96 in a calendar year.

How to enroll and signup for alerts

Complete the online enrollment form below. To begin receiving PTP alerts, you will need to log in to your SmartHub account and update your notifications. Here’s a step-by-step guide to activating PTP Event notifications. You must be enrolled in email/text notifications in SmartHub to participate in the Peak Time Payback Program. If you have trouble with this enrollment, please call 970-945-5491 and one of our Member Service Representatives can help you.

Please note:
Members enrolled in Power+ are not eligible
to enroll in Peak Time Payback


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