New clean energy projects.

2024 marks a significant milestone on our journey to providing our members with 100% clean energy by 2030.

Not only do these four new large-scale projects bring us closer to our clean energy goals, but they also bring significant power supply cost savings.

We anticipate that these partnerships will save our membership approximately $40 million over the next ten years compared to our previous power supply portfolio.  

Proud community partner.

You can find us year-round at a variety of community events throughout our service territory.

From our Brats & Kilowatts meetups to events run by our local energy partners, we hope you can join us to learn more about our energy programs and services.

How to tap into tax credits. 

Power+ provides an easy and affordable option for battery energy storage by allowing members to pay off their system over 10 years on their monthly electric bill at 0% interest.

However, with new tax rules, members who are able to fully pay off their system within the year it’s installed are now eligible for up to 40% federal and 10% state tax credits, potentially saving thousands of dollars in the long run.

Year-to-date 2024


Clean energy provided to members. 

*note: values are estimates until final annual accounting.

Clean Energy Percentages by Month, 2024