New income-qualified rebates for energy efficiency and electrification projects

For 2024, we’re excited to offer our income-qualified residential members expanded rebates on energy efficiency and electrification projects.

If your household income falls under 150% of your county’s Area Median Income, we’ll rebate 50% of your qualifying total project cost up to $7,500/year

What to know before going solar.

Even with expanded tax benefits, investing in rooftop solar for your home or business can be an expensive commitment. While we continue to be strong supporters of locally generated renewable energy, we also want our members to be completely satisfied with their arrays once they’re installed.

Please remember to chat with our team of experts before signing any contracts. We are happy to review proposals and help you decide if solar is the right fit for you.

Scholarships for Graduating High School Seniors

We’re proud to offer several scholarship opportunities for high school seniors graduating or receiving their GED in the spring of 2024.

Applications are due March 8.

More Options to Charge at Home.

Making the switch to an electric vehicle just became even easier. Charge at Home now works with EV chargers from four different manufacturers!  Choose an approved charger that best suits your needs, and we’ll rebate the full cost up to $549.

Energy. Our 2022 mix is something worth sharing!