Youth leadership programs

An opportunity of a lifetime! Learn more about our travel-based youth leadership opportunities in Washington, D.C. and Steamboat Springs.

See what our 2023 participants had to say about their time on Youth Tour!

NRECA Youth Tour –
Washington D.C.

Hosted by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

June 17 – 23, 2024

The Washington D.C. Youth Tour introduces students to the nation’s capital with tours of museums and historic monuments, meetings with Colorado congressional delegations, and fun-filled activities 

CEEI Youth Leadership Camp –
Steamboat Springs, CO

Hosted by Colorado Electric Education Institute (CEEI) Cooperative

July 13 – 18, 2024 

Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp is held at the Glen Eden Resort near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The primary objective of the week-long camp is to provide educational experiences and to develop leadership skills that will assist young adults in meeting future challenges. 

Application instructions

 Applications for the 2024 program are available below.

To apply you must: 

  • be an incoming junior or senior;
  • be at least 16 years old at the time of the trip;
  • be a dependent of a Holy Cross Energy member (your parents/guardians are HCE members); 
  • submit a completed application AND the 500-word essay (details included below). 

Selection information: 

Based on the submitted essay, HCE will select students to attend the NRECA Rural Electric Youth Tour and additional students to attend the CEEI Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp. If selected, you will be notified in early February.  

Students must submit their application to Holy Cross Energy by Friday, January 12.   

Essay instructions:  

Holy Cross Energy is a member-owned electric cooperative. We are guided by the following cooperative principles. Choose one and complete a 500-word essay on why it is important:  

  • Open and Voluntary Membership 
  • Democratic Member Control. 
  • Members’ Economic Participation 
  • Autonomy and Independence 
  • Education, Training, and Information 
  • Cooperation Among Cooperatives 
  • Concern for Community 

In addition to the above, students may also submit the following:  

  • Add a video about yourself or a favorite hobby  
  • Submit something that is special to you – either video or written content  
  • Submit something creative you have made