Tariffs, Rules and Regulations

January 2020 

You are hereby notified that Holy Cross Energy (HCE) is proposing to make the following changes in its Electric Service Tariffs, Rules and Regulations to become effective March 1st, 2020.

Specific changes include the following:

  • Changes to the manual meter read billing rate(s):
    • Increase in the manual meter read fee to $10 monthly, and the member option for a quarterly read to $3.33/month
  • Addition of a trial period for the TOU rate(s), both Residential and General Service:
    • To allow our members a one-time trial for the TOU rate. Trial period is for up to 3 billing cycles or approximately 90 days.  Once the trial period elapses a 12-month rate commitment would be enforced.
  • Modifications to the Peak Time Rebate (PTR):
    • PTR tariff was originally approved as a limited trial for large consumers. The proposed changes open the program to be available to all members at the expiration of the trial period.
  • New Tariff: Dynamic Renewable Pricing (DRP)
    • This new offering is a trial tariff thru December 31, 2020, for a limited number (20) of large members (50kW).
    • The design of the tariff is to provide pricing signals for members to increase consumption during a given period to help the utility manage surplus energy production from renewable supply. The period would be noticed similarly to the PTR alert.
    • Any increased consumption above baseline use during the notice period would be billed at a reduced rate.

Anyone who desires to comment or protest the proposed changes shall file a written complaint with Holy Cross Energy at P.O. Box 2150, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81602 at least 10 days before the proposed effective date.