Cooperative difference

What is an electric co-op?

  • Electric co-ops are community-focused organizations that deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy to their consumer-members.
  • Our electric co-op is unique because we belong to the communities we serve. The co-op is led by its members, which gives us a unique understanding of the needs of our local communities. In fact, many of our leaders and employees live right here in the community and are members of the co-op––just like you!
  • Because we answer to local members (that’s you!) rather than far-away shareholders, we’re more nimble and able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our community. We even share any excess revenue with our members because we’re not-for-profit.
  • Even though we’re locally-owned and operated, we cooperate with other electric cooperatives across the country to develop new technologies, invest in equipment and infrastructure that benefits multiple co-ops in a region, and assist with major outages. This type of collaboration allows us to address complex challenges while remaining true to our local roots.
  • Our electric co-op was built by the community, belongs to the community and continues to be led by the community––that’s the cooperative difference!