Community Energy Systems

Community Energy Systems

HCE’s Community Energy Systems forms strategic partnerships with local organizations in their clean energy endeavors. HCE may provide in-kind support for projects offering both significant community benefit, and advancing HCE’s vision of a responsible transition to a clean energy future.

Projects could include such things as renewable energy generation, microgrids to increase resiliency, solar paired with storage to increase demand flexibility, and large EV charging stations in multi-family residential areas to increase smart electrification.

Projects must adhere to at least one of the following criteria in each category:

Community Benefits:

  • Area of refuge
  • Additional resilience
  • Energy Education
  • Youth
  • Environment
  • General HCE member benefit

Business Benefits:

  • Contributes to HCE’s journey to 100% RE by developing new clean resources.
  • Projects that have controllable resources that help HCE manage system peak conditions and balance HCE’s renewable energy supply.
  • Projects that produce an economic benefit to HCE by generating revenue (fuel switching, EV infrastructure)

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