PuRE, powered by 100% renewable energy. Since HCE is currently supplied by 50% renewable energy, we are able to lower the amount of renewable energy you purchase to become a 100% clean energy user. You will only be responsible for the remaining 50% to offset your bill with renewable energy.


Choose your renewable energy source. We track your usage each month to make sure the little extra green you pay, matches exactly how much electricity you use each month. The surcharge will be added as a line item on your bill.

  • PuRE Power Mix (wind, solar, hydro) – $0.00125 per kWh
  • Wind -$0.00125 per kWh
  • Hydro – $0.0015 per kWh
  • Solar – $0.00175 per kWh

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Thank you for your commitment to a clean energy future. If you would like to proudly display your support of clean energy, yard signs, window decals and certificates are available for free. To receive your PuRE promotional materials, simply fill out the request form below. Please provide at least two weeks for us to process your request.

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