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Rebate amounts will be changing January 1, 2023. Please submit 2022 rebate applications by December 31, 2022 to get 2022 rebate incentives (invoice must be within 90 days of rebate application). Applications received January 1, 2023, will be processed with 2023 rebates.

2022 Rebates

Residential Rebates

We offer a variety of rebates to help you invest in high efficiency equipment for your home.

Smart Electric Rebates

HCE’s Smart Electric program provides members solutions to reducing carbon emissions by choosing electric measures rather than natural gas, gasoline, or other fossil fuel alternatives.

E-Bike Rebate

Get a $50 rebate when you buy a new e-bike from a bike shop or online.

Commercial Rebates

Install new, energy-efficient equipment at your facility, and we’ll help you with the upfront cost.