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Local Clean & Renewable Energy Projects

Solar + Storage

Our large local solar plus storage projects provide the flexibility to operate our increasingly renewable energy mix, and are a key component in being able to achieve our 100×30 Goal.

Excess solar energy is stored in large battery systems and discharged during our system peaks, which reduces our wholesale energy costs and saves money for our entire membership. 

Renewable energy developers partner with landowners to build and own these projects, and we purchase the energy and manage dispatching the battery energy as needed.

Colorado Mountain College Solar + Storage
High Mesa Solar + Storage
Mamm Creek Solar + Storage


Bronco Plains II Wind Project is located on the windy eastern plains of Colorado, a location that’s not only ideal for maximum wind power generation, but also still directly connected to our shared electric grid.

Located in Kit Carson County, this 200 MW wind project is comprised of 72 wind turbines and will generate power for up to 40,000 households annually. 

We will purchase 150 MW of the plant’s output during our peak winter months, along with 100 MW during summer months. We will sell the remainder of the power produced at Bronco Plains II to our wholesale partners at Guzman Energy. 

Bronco Plains II


While not heavily abundant locally, hydroelectricity provides a good baseload resource for our renewable power supply mix and also aligns well with our increased need for energy in the winter months. 

A few small hydro generators were some of our earliest local renewable energy projects, while the recent addition of Grand Valley Hydro provides an important larger resource into our power supply mix. 

Ruedi Creek Hydro
Fanny Hill Hydro
Woody Creek Hydro
Gypsum Creek Hydro
Grand Valley Hydro


Large-scale solar projects provide our members with locally generated clean energy without having to invest in small-scale rooftop solar for their homes or businesses.

Mid Valley Solar Array
Garfield County Airport Solar I
Sunnyside Ranch Solar Array
Garfield County Airport Solar II
HCE Sustainable Solar Array
HCE Powerfield Solar Array
HCE Cold Storage Warehouse Solar Array
HCE Warehouse 'C' Solar Array
Pitkin County Solar Array
Adam Palmer Solar Array
Hunter Solar Array