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System Improvements

We continually monitor and upgrade our system to improve reliability and safety for our members. Below are a few examples of our ongoing and planned system improvements.

We may be inspecting lines and poles in your area this summer.

This spring and summer, our crews may be in your area performing routine inspection and audit work on our electric lines and poles. Proactive inspections play an important role in ensuring the:

In addition to our own staff, we also work with third-party authorized contractors to perform much of this work. All field teams will have required personal protective gear, ID badges, and Holy Cross Energy vehicle decals. To ensure safe and efficient work, some of our contractors are now using drone technology to complete their inspections.

Drone pilots will determine the safest location to take off and land, which occasionally falls outside of our overhead easement and right-of-way.

If you have questions about a drone or an inspection crew in your area, please call us. For safety reasons, please do not approach the pilot while the drone is in the air.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we complete this important safety and reliability work.

Gilman to Avon Transmission Line

Holy Cross Energy proposes to construct an 8.65-mile-long 115 kV transmission line connecting Avon and Gilman substations. Construction and operation of the new transmission line would provide increased service resilience and minimize substantial outage risk to customers in the communities of Vail, Eagle Vail, Avon, Edwards, and parts of Eagle as well as provide a back-up electrical transmission service for the towns of Minturn and Red Cliff and all Xcel customers in that area.

gilman transmission line project

Drone Assisted Power Line Inspections

Drones equipped with infrared and standard cameras allow HCE personnel to quickly identify and address power line issues before they cause a power outage.

Wildfire Mitigation

This plan will expand upon our existing maintenance and safety programs to significantly reduce fire ignitions caused by our infrastructure, while strengthening the overall electric system. The wildfire mitigation plan is part of a larger, ongoing strategic effort to improve the safety and resiliency of our electric grid.

"Middle Mile" Broadband Installations

We have completed two phases of our “middle mile” network infrastructure project, installing fiber in the Roaring Fork and Eagle River Valleys to enhance our system communications.

Additionally, the fiber serves as an opportunity for third-party broadband internet companies to bring service into remote areas of our service territory that lack high speed internet access.