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Understanding Your Bill

Redesigned with you in mind.

Your electric bill has a fresh new look. You’ll find the same important information as before with some additional new features to make managing your account even easier.

What do the line items on your bill mean?

Customer Charge

This fixed monthly charge is the basic fee for your electric service. It does not fluctuate with usage. This fee is intended to cover our costs of maintaining and keeping your customer account records active (metering, data processing, billing, etc).

Energy Charge (kWh Use)

The amount of kilowatt-hours used. One kilowatt-hour equals 1,000 watts used for one hour. For example: A 100-watt light bulb left on for 10 hours = 1 kWh.

Demand Charge (kW Demand)
Demand is the amount of electric energy used at any instant of time measured in kilowatts (kW). HCE Demand kW is measured by the electric meter as the highest average demand in any 15-minute period during the month.
Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA)

The Electric Cost Adjustment factor is used to achieve a uniform and consistent annual Rate of Return. The ECA factor will fluctuate monthly as actual monthly operating revenue and expenses becomes available.

View Current ECA Rates >

WE CARE Surcharge

With Efficiency, Conservation And Renewable Energy

This monthly charge is used to fund energy efficiency and conservation measures as well as renewable energy generation. The surcharge is calculated on the aggregate sum of all electrical service revenues prior to the application of any taxes and other electric rate adjustments.

1. Street address

Your complete street address is now shown here, making it easier for you to use your electric bill as proof of residency.

2. New easy-to-read callout of amount due

Shows exactly how much you owe and when your payment is due.

3. "Your Energy Breakdown"

This new comparison tool shows your current usage, your use from one year ago, and your use from last month, helping you make smart energy choices.

4. “Demand Date/Time”

This section shows when your electric use peaked during this billing period, giving you further insight on how you can reduce your energy consumption.

5. Bill line items
Full descriptions of all line items on your bill are available above on this page.
6. Message Center
Check this area of your bill for important co-op communications.
7. New pay with cash option
Accepted at many local convenience stores, grocery stores, and local retailers, scan the Vanilla Direct barcode to pay your bill with cash.