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Solar + Battery Energy Storage

What to know before you go solar.

As proud supporters of local solar energy, we want you to be completely satisfied with your array once it’s installed. Please chat with our team before making the investment into a solar and battery energy storage system. We are happy to review contractor proposals and help you decide if solar is the right fit for you.

You will continue to receive electric bills.

You will continue to receive monthly energy bills from Holy Cross Energy (HCE) after the solar system is energized.

You will be billed for all energy delivered to you from the grid.

You will be billed for all energy delivered from the grid and credited for energy returned to the HCE system according to the HCE Renewable Energy Net Metering Service – Optional Tariff.

Your payback timeframe is not guaranteed.

The economic performance proposed by your solar installer is not guaranteed and will vary over time based on system performance, HCE rates, and many other variables.

Our rates will change over time.

HCE rates and rate structure (how we bill for both your power and access to the grid) are subject to change at any time as determined by the HCE Board of Directors. Potential changes may include not just rate increases, but also structure changes that could potentially impact the economic performance or payback of your solar system.

You will not have power during an outage unless you have backup battery storage.

Members with solar systems without a battery storage system or backup generator will not have electric power during an HCE power outage. If this is necessary for you, you can consider installing an energy storage system to isolate your home or business from the grid during an outage to provide the power you need.

Additional things to know:

  • Solar energy generated by your system will vary on a monthly basis due to natural cycles, with highest production in the summer and lowest production in the winter
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) generated by your solar system will be assigned to HCE when you accept HCE’s solar incentive payment
  • Two site visits to your solar system will be required: one by your permitting authority, and a second by HCE representatives before issuing an authorization to operate. Systems cannot be energized prior to our authorization to operate
  • Members must have an HCE Approval Letter prior to the construction of any solar system component to qualify for an HCE incentive

Here's how it works

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits homeowners or businesses for electricity added to the Holy Cross Energy (HCE) grid from a renewable generator, such as solar panels.

  • When you use more electricity onsite than your solar system generates, you consume electricity from the grid.
  • When your solar system generates more electricity than your onsite electric use, your excess generation flows back to the grid.
  • Each month, we calculate the difference between your generation and your use. This quantity, your monthly net usage, is used to calculate your bill.

Learn more > How net metering works (PDF)

Solar or other renewable energy system incentives

The following incentives are available to be reserved for renewable systems that meet all HCE program requirements. Funding for incentives is limited to available funds on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 0 – 6 kW: $250/kW
  • 6-25 kW: $100/kW


Battery energy storage system incentives

The following incentives are available for energy storage systems that meet all program requirements. Incentives are limited to available funds on a first-come, first-served basis. Members can only enroll in one of these programs and receive one of the following incentives:

Power+ or Power+FLEX Incentive:

Time of Use Rate Incentive:

  • $250 per kW of capacity 
  • -or- $250 per available kWh (1-20% minimum state of charge)/2hours
  • Members must be enrolled in the Time of Use Optional Rate and will receive the lesser of the above incentive calculations.


The following Generator Interconnect Policy shall apply to all generation resources including eligible renewable energy resources applying for connection to the Holy Cross Energy System.

A non-refundable interconnection study fee of $100 must accompany each interconnection application for systems with a nameplate capacity of 12-100 kW and $250 for systems with a nameplate capacity greater than 100 kW. The applicant may be responsible for additional study costs on a case by case basis, please review the information in our Generator Interconnect Policy for additional information.

The following rules apply to all generation incentives:

  • HCE is not liable for forfeiture of any incentive amounts due to changes in program structure, which may occur at any time; nor shall HCE be liable for the action  or failure to act of Member, or any of the Member’s consultants, employees or contractors, including the  installer. Any incentive payments are limited to available funds from HCE at HCE’s sole determination.  It is the responsibility of the Member to contact Holy Cross Energy directly to determine eligibility for any incentives amounts. Projects installed by vendors not listed on HCE’s Preferred Installer list may not be eligible for incentives.
  • Generation must be sized to supply annually no more than 200% of the account’s previous 12 months electrical consumption. For new construction, HCE will estimate on-site electrical consumption.
  • No member may receive more than $30,000 related to the ownership of renewable generation. The member limit for energy storage systems is $15,000 and is in addition to the renewable generation limit.
  • Incentive payments will be reduced so that they do not exceed 40% of the installed cost of any project.
  • No rebates will be paid for any renewable generation capacity in excess of 25 kW per net metered account.
  • Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Failure to complete the installation of the renewable generation within 120 days of reservation will result in the loss of the reservation. No payment is guaranteed for any system that loses its incentive
  • HCE will not interconnect any net metering installation selling power to a member under a Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Members must be in good standing on all electric accounts at the date of application and continue to remain in good standing through the date that the payment is issued to be eligible for incentive payments. Good standing means no more than two disqualifying marks (late payments, disconnect for non-pay, etc.) on any electric account in the previous 12 billing months. Members will lose their eligibility to receive any incentive payment if they fall out of good standing with HCE.
  • Member owned generation facilities must be interconnected to Holy Cross’s electric distribution system to qualify for incentives and must conform to the terms of the HCE Interconnection Agreement.

How much does it cost you?

  • Please email us your bids from any solar installers before you sign a contract. We are happy to review. 
  • The economic performance proposed by your solar installer is not guaranteed and will vary over time based on system performance, HCE rates, and many other variables.
  • Rates and rate structures may change in the future as determined by the HCE Board of Directors, which may affect any proposed payback time periods. 

Looking for a solar contractor?

Finding a good solar contractor is important. Before you sign on the dotted line, HCE recommends you do your research. Like any home improvement project, if not done properly, it can cost you. Check with your friends and neighbors, look for references and reviews on the company, ask for a list of installed projects, and as with any project, get more than one estimate. HCE has a list of our Preferred Solar Installers.

Need to share your electricity usage data?

Finding out exactly how much electricity you use is invaluable information for solar installers. To view your electricity usage data, sign in to your SmartHub account. If you would like to share your electricity usage data please fill out our consent to disclose utility customer data form.