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You're PuRE genius with
100% clean and renewable energy.

The transition to a clean energy future is here. We’re well on our way to achieving a 100% carbon-free energy supply for our members by 2030, but you can accelerate the process by committing to 100% clean energy now.

You don’t have to wait for new technology, infrastructure or access to renewable energy. When you enroll in PuRE, you are purchasing 100% renewable energy for your home or business.

Going PuRE adds a small monthly surcharge to your bill to allow us to buy additional clean energy to serve you:

Ready to go 100% renewable now?

Here's how it works

Choose wind, solar, hydro or a mix of all three as your renewable energy source. We’ll handle the rest, including tracking your use to make sure the little extra you pay for green energy matches exactly how much electricity you use each month.

How much does it cost?

We are well on our way to 100% clean energy. Renewable energy already accounts for the majority of our power supply mix. That means you offset the other portion by participating in PuRE. One small choice that costs as little as $2-$3 a month for an average-sized house keeps our blue skies blue, our water drinkable and our irreplaceable landscape majestic. You are the future—now.

Your actual cost directly reflects how much energy you use based on which clean energy source you choose:

  • PuRE Power Mix (wind, solar, hydro): $0.00125/kWh 
  • Wind: $0.00125/kWh 
  • Hydro: $0.0015/kWh 
  • Solar $0.00175/kWh

You can offset the PuRE surcharge by joining cost-saving programs like Peak Time Payback, where we pay you to save energy.

Calculate your annual cost for purchasing 100% renewable energy.

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing a clean energy future—now. Share the love and encourage others to make clean energy choices with free yard signs, window decals and certificates. To receive your PuRE inspiration, simply click below to request your materials. We’ll send them out in a couple weeks so you can proudly display them.