New DC Fast Charging Station at Redstone General Store

We’ve partnered with the Town of Redstone, the Redstone General Store, the Colorado Energy Office, and CLEER to install a DC fast charging station for EV drivers in Redstone. The charging station will bring much-needed EV charging infrastructure to the upper Crystal River Valley for residents and visitors alike.

The charger was part of a ReCharge Colorado grant from the Colorado Energy Office, providing coaching services for EVs and infrastructure development across the state.

On July 16, HCE staff, community members, and partners attended a ribbon-cutting event for the charger.

The charger’s location is directly in front of the Redstone General store. EV owners can fuel up in about 45 minutes and visit the surrounding community.

This project was part of Community Energy Systems, providing in-kind support for clean energy projects that serve as a community benefit for HCE members.

HCE staff and their families celebrated the new DC fast charging station in Redstone on July 16.