HCE Voices: Joanna Whiting

HCE Voices is a monthly series dedicated to getting to know the staff of your co-op!

December is always a busy month for our Member Services Representatives, especially for Joanna Whiting who serves as the coordinator for our Meals for Members program.

We asked Joanna to share her Meals for Members experience from this past year.

What is Meals for Members?

Every year, HCE staff donate money to help purchase holiday meals from City Market for our members in need. The Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation also provided $1,500 towards the program.

For the past few years, I have gone out with manager of Glenwood line operations James Ray to deliver meals to families on Christmas Eve. There were so many families this year that we had additional staff to help with the meal delivery. A special thanks to Jenna, Maisa, Matt, and our Avon Operations Crews.

Matt, Lindsey, Joanna, and Maisa drop off toys at Catholic Charities.

Jenny and Christina ring the Salvation Army bell outside City Market in Glenwood Springs.

How many families benefitted from Meals for Members this year?

This year we had 41 families receive holiday meals, and we were also able to provide presents for four families in need.

How are members selected to receive a holiday meal?

Throughout the year, our Member Services Representatives will identify members who may be having difficulty paying their bill or who need extra support. We try to do everything we can to help our members in need.

What is your favorite part of Meals for Members?

To hear the excitement in people’s voices and then to meet them when we drop off the meals is a special feeling.

During December, HCE staff and members also collected toys for a toy drive for Catholic Charities. A bin full of toys and two bikes were dropped off to Catholic Charities in the days leading up to Christmas.

HCE staff also participated in the Salvation Army bell ringing at the City Market in Glenwood Springs during the holiday season, raising funds for programs providing housing, food and other support to people experiencing poverty.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our holiday giving programs a success!