Small change makes a big difference

Small change makes a big difference

A little change can make a big difference. By rounding up your energy bill to the nearest dollar, you can help support individuals and families in need and the organizations that serve them. We match every cent you contribute to make your gift go even further. By joining Round-Up, the most you’ll ever donate in a year adds up to $11.88. That’s small change, but together, it adds up to make a big difference.

Just how easy is it to sign up for Round-Up, you ask? Picture this:

It’s a sunny day in Glenwood Springs and the telephone rings at our HCE office.  One of the Member Service Representatives answers…

“Hello, this is Casey with Holy Cross Energy, how can I help you?”

Member – “Hi I need to have my electricity transferred to my new home.”

Casey – “I can do that for you.  I need to get some information to verify your account…”

Towards the end of the phone conversation, Casey says, “Would you like to sign up for Round Up?”  

Member – “Round Up, what’s that?”

Casey – “Round Up is a non-profit program where we round up your electric bill to the nearest dollar.  Holy Cross Energy matches that amount dollar for dollar and the money goes to helping organizations and individuals in our community.  100% of the proceeds go to community needs such as school programs, animal shelters, assistance for the hearing impaired, trail building and individuals who have specific necessities.  Would that be something you’d be interested in participating in?”

Member- “How are the administrative cost covered?”

Casey- “Holy Cross Energy pays for all the administrative costs.  The board of directors volunteer their time, so all the money goes back into the community.  Does that answer your question?”

Member – “Yes, please sign me up.  This sounds like a wonderfully easy way to give back to the community.”

Casey- “Ok, it’s done.  Thank you for participating in the Round Up program.” 

Yes, its that easy to sign up for Round-Up over the phone. You can also signup online by visiting the Round-Up Foundation page.

Just last year, Round-Up funding helped support the following organizations in our community:

  • Rifle Animal Shelter
  • Individual physical therapy through The Windwalkers organization
  • Junior Achievement- Rocky Mountain Inc.
  • Hard Scrabble Trails Coalition
  • Raising a Reader- Aspen to Parachute
  • Two Rivers Community School – Lego League
  • Vail Valley Art Guild
  • Youth Zone – leaning materials
  • A portable oxygen machine for an individual

The Round-Up Foundation’s board of directors meet monthly to review all applications for funding.  The funding is based on necessity and funds available.  Monthly funding is typically capped at $1500/application and it does not cover on-going expenses such as rent or monthly household bills.

Anyone can sign up to donate to Round Up over the phone with one of our member service rep’s. or go on-line and do it at

Your small change can make a big change in someone’s life. 

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