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Round-Up Foundation Individual Application

Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation Application Instructions

The Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation was created with the intention of providing a helping hand to community members and non-profit organizations in need across our service territory (Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties). 

Applications are reviewed by a volunteer board made up of Holy Cross Energy members and staff. 

Questions regarding your application can be directed to Lindsey Williams at or 970-947-5451. 

Who is eligible to request assistance? 

Funding is available for non-profit organizations and individuals in need. Non-profit organizations need to operate primarily within Eagle, Garfield and/or Pitkin Counties. 

Individual applicants must reside within the same three counties, and must have lived in the area for at least 90 days. Individuals and organizations may request up to $1,500 in assistance funds once every calendar year.

What types of requests do you support?

Organizations providing community benefits such as access to healthy foods, youth-based programming, or other initiatives providing significant community benefit will be considered.  

Individuals may request funding for one-time emergency expenses, for example vehicle repair costs or appliance replacement. 

Guidelines for applications: 

In addition to filling out the form completely, here are items to consider when completing the application:  

Make a specific request and explain how you intend to use the funds. Any additional information you can supply in the form of a letter attached to the formal application is extremely helpful to the board in making decisions regarding your application.  

If the funds are being requested to purchase a new item or for a repair, please include an estimate for the work. A vendor or supplier within Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties is desirable. 

List other sources of funding or assistance that are available to you: outline which sources you are pursuing, the amounts requested, and state any amounts already awarded. 

Family or individual applications must demonstrate that the monies received will assist in meeting their current needs as identified in the application. Grants are normally funded to a maximum of $1,500. Accountability for approved funding may be required. 

How quickly will the Board respond to my request?

The Round-Up Foundation Board will generally meet on the third Tuesday of every month to review applications. 

The application deadline is the last day of the month prior to the application being reviewed. We will contact you either in writing, by telephone or by e‐mail when any decision is made regarding your request.

Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation

Individual Application

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