Now you can “Drive on Sunshine!”

Now you can “Drive on Sunshine!”

Did you know about 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. comes from transportation? Have you been wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint? You can save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint by driving an electric vehicle (EV), especially if you charge your car with renewable energy. Holy Cross Energy’s Charge at Home. Charge at Work. Program combined with our incentives for renewable energy make it possible to “Drive on Sunshine!”

How does it work?
First, purchase the electric vehicle of your choice.  New EVs can start as low as $16,000 after electric vehicle Federal Tax Credits. Next, Holy Cross Energy gives you a free ChargePoint Level 2 electric vehicle charger. If you need help covering the installation costs of the charger, we’ll provide interest-free financing. We pay your contractor’s invoice up front, and you pay this back on your bill over 36 months. If you then choose to install a solar system at your home or business, you can charge your vehicle with renewable energy. For our members who participate in our Charge at Home. Charge at Work. Program, an additional solar production allowance will be granted and calculated on an annual basis using the purchase date of the EV.* This allowance will provide you with the opportunity to install an additional amount of solar generation up to 2 kilowatts to offset the usage from the charger.

This sounds great, right? But what if you don’t have a good location to install solar panels? You can offset your usage through our Renewable Energy Purchase Program. Simply choose which type of renewable energy you prefer and start powering your home or business and your EV with solar, wind or hydro power. Going 100% renewable is a huge step in reducing your carbon footprint, helping our environment, and leads us to energy independence for a more sustainable future.

For more information and to apply for these programs:

Charge at Home. Charge at Work

Renewable Energy Purchase Program

Generating Your Own Renewable Energy

*Proof of purchase of an EV is required along with the purchase date. For example, if you purchased an EV 3 months ago, an adjustment will be made to the production allowance calculation to include an additional amount deemed equivalent to 9 months of future EV charging.