New electric vehicle charging stations up and running

Did you know, Holy Cross Energy is in the business of reducing anxiety? Range anxiety, that is. One of the biggest drivers for people to make the switch to an electric vehicle is having a place to charge it. Together, with our community partners we’re working on a cure for range anxiety, building a network of charging stations, that we hope will one day soon alleviate charging anxiety, forever.

By taking advantage of our community charging program and funding from the Colorado Energy Office, charging stations are popping up across our service territory. Most recently, the Town of Vail and the Aspen School District.

  • The Town of Vail installed five level 2 duel plug charging stations at the new Red Sandstone parking garage on the north side of I-70.
  • In partnership with the Aspen School District, a new level 2 duel plug charging station is now available at Aspen High School.

If you, or someone you know would like to support community charging for a cure, take a look at our Community Charging program page.