Holy Cross Energy announces 2023 election results

Western District Votes Cast

Candidate Votes Percent
Alex Degolia 1,974 49.70%
Thomas Sherman 1,005 25.30%
Peggy Meyer 993 25.00%
Total Unexercised 309
Total Invalid 6
Total Valid Ballots 3,972

Northern District Votes Cast

Candidate Votes Percent
Linn Brooks 1,158 28.10%
Kimberly Schlaepfer 1,118 27.10%
Brian Brandl 698 16.90%
Craig A Brown 695 16.90%
Roaseann Casey 451 10.90%
Total Unexercised 159
Total Invalid 8
Total Valid Ballots 4,120

Glenwood Springs, CO, June 16, 2023 –

Rural electric cooperative Holy Cross Energy (HCE) held its annual meeting and Board of Directors election on June 15. Eight candidates ran for two seats, one in the cooperatives’ Northern District and one in the Southern District.

Incumbent David Campbell from the Northern District did not seek re-election.

With 4,287 ballots cast, Linn Brooks has been elected to represent the Northern District and Alex DeGolia has been elected to represent the Western District.

Ms. Brooks most recently acted as General Manager for 11 years for the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District (ERWSD). Under her leadership at ERWSD, she shifted the fleet toward electric vehicles and piloted HCE’s Peak Time Payback program. Ms. Brooks wants to help members and local government meet their climate action goals, ensure rates are equitable as patterns of energy distribution and use adapt, and include the voices of the diverse HCE membership in decision-making.

Mr. DeGolia currently works on climate policy for the Environmental Defense Fund, a national non-profit organization, and also has experience in academia, philanthropy, and advocacy. Mr. DeGolia has dedicated his career to implementing solutions for a healthier, more sustainable, and more prosperous future both locally and globally. Mr. DeGolia also has experience in academia, philanthropy, and advocacy. He has held a seat on HCE’s Board of Directors as Secretary since 2020.

HCE Directors have the responsibility of setting the strategic direction for the cooperative. Directors are required to represent the HCE membership on a fair and impartial basis for the best interest of all members. Directors make decisions that will benefit today’s membership while also planning to meet the needs of the communities HCE serves.

The Board of Directors consists of seven members elected to four-year terms representing three geographic districts: the Western District with one director, the Northern District with four directors, and the Southern District with two directors. For more information on the HCE Board of Directors, including a district map, please visit https://www.holycross.com/board.