HCE Receives Grid Innovator Award

Holy Cross Energy (HCE) has received the 2022 Grid Innovator Award by GridForward, a non-profit, member-driven trade association dedicated to promoting and accelerating innovation in the regional electric system across the western U.S. and Canada. HCE was selected from a strong group of electric utilities including SMUD and Seattle City Light.

“As one of only six utilities in the country with a 100% clean energy goal by 2030, Holy Cross Energy recognizes that a smart, flexible electric grid is the key to decarbonizing our energy system and addressing the risks and impacts of climate change,” said HCE President and CEO Bryan Hannegan.

“We are investing in cutting edge technologies and practices for planning and operating a distribution system with high amounts of distributed energy resources, even as we foster uptake of those DERs – solar PV, energy storage, electric vehicles, smart appliances and more – by our member-owners in a way that provides more reliable, affordable and resilient electric service. Through our participation in GridForward, we can learn from our fellow utilities and innovators who are heading in the same direction. We are delighted to be named a 2022 Grid Innovation Award winner, and we thank Grid Forward for the recognition.”