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Holy Cross Energy Announces 2021 Board of Directors Election

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Holy Cross Energy (HCE) is holding elections for three seats on their Board of Directors. As a member-owned electric cooperative, HCE is run by a democratically-elected Board of Directors responsible for guiding the leadership of the cooperative on behalf of members.

One seat is for a four-year term in the Southern District. One is for a four-year term in the Northern District, and the last is for a three-year term in the Northern District. The Northern candidate with the highest number of votes will receive the four-year term, and the runner-up will receive the three-year term.

Ballots for this election were mailed on May 10, 2021, to all current HCE members. All HCE members are asked to vote by mail for two candidates to represent the Northern District and one candidate for the Southern District.

Voting may also occur at a limited-capacity in-person Annual Meeting on June 10 at 5:00 p.m. at Spring Creeks Ranch in Carbondale. HCE members must RSVP to attend the event this year. Members will not be able to attend without registering first. The new Directors will be named during the Annual Meeting.

The following profiles, listed in alphabetical order under each district, have been provided by the candidates running for the Board seats. Each candidate has also answered three questions provided by HCE to help our membership learn more about each candidate. These responses along with candidate photos and additional election information can be found at


Northern District

Kristen Bertuglia
For the past nine years, it has been my honor to serve you on the Holy Cross Energy Board. Thanks to the hard work of the Holy Cross com­munity, we’re fulfilling our vision of leading the responsible transition to the clean energy future. Our clean energy purchases have saved our members $16 million in the last 18 months, while keeping electric rates among the lowest in the state, maintaining a strong financial position, and returning $4.5 million to you in member equity. With an excellent safety record and outstanding reliability, HCE is a model utility, awarded the 2020 SEPA Utility of the Year.

In my role as Strategic Issues Committee Chair, I’ve helped guide Holy Cross towards our indus­try-leading goals. We are on track to achieve 70% renewable energy in two years without increasing power costs and to attain 100% by 2030. We’re reinvesting in grid stability and local support, including wildfire resilience, and COVID financial assistance for members. This progress comes in a year of wildfires, pandemic disrup­tions, and the loss of our beloved friend and Director, Adam Palmer, whose vision was pivotal in establishing HCE as a national leader.

As Vail’s Environmental Sustainability Director and Colorado Communities for Climate Action Chair, I am committed to tackling the opportuni­ties of a fast-changing energy market, protecting our environment and enhancing our economy. Together, we’re making history by writing the future of member-driven, innovative, and trans­parent governance, and I respectfully ask for your vote to allow me to continue this work.

Roseann Casey
Roseann Casey a senior-level professional with over 30 years of experience, including leadership positions in the U.S. Government, private and non-profit sectors focused on energy and power, environmental leadership, human rights, and humanitarian assistance.

Roseann recently served as a Foreign Service Of­ficer with the U.S. Agency for International Devel­opment (USAID). Her international posts included Afghanistan and Nigeria, where her portfolio included utility reform and commercialization, power and energy sector investments, renewable and off-grid energy, gas-flaring reduction, and infrastructure. She served in Washington D.C. as USAID/Power Africa policy lead and co-chair of the Power Africa Policy Working Group, coordi­nating policy-related strategy among U.S. govern­ment agencies.

Roseann has worked in a number of corporate re­sponsibility roles, including Acting Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Corporate Citizen­ship at Citigroup. Her career has taken her across the globe, including resident posts in Bosnia-Her­zegovina, Indonesia, Russia, and Ukraine.

Roseann holds a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a master’s degree in non-profit management from Regis University in Denver, and a bachelor’s degree in business, communica­tions, and political science from Regis University.

Roseann is a third-generation native of Denver and moved to Eagle County in 1987. She owns a home in Eagle and is thankful to have spent the “COVID era” in Colorado, where she has deep­ened her appreciation for her home community. Roseann is currently working on a freelance basis and serves as an advisory board member for PAS Solar, a Nigeria-based off-grid solar enterprise.

Kristen Hartel
There’s a reason why we all love to call this incredible valley home. We have a lifestyle most dream about. Skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, golfing, fishing – we’ve got it all. But in order to protect our way of life and the ability to afford it, we must support Holy Cross Energy’s commitment to provide 100% clean energy by 2030. As your representative to the Holy Cross Energy Board of Directors, I’ll balance opportunities of clean technologies and local jobs with the need for affordable, reliable energy.

For over 13 years, I’ve worked professionally in emerging energy technologies, energy efficiency, and green building. I’ve worked in small government, crafting environmental initiatives to advance our economy, and locally for Active Energies, designing and installing solar PV, and helping to build energy efficient homes. Over the last five years, I’ve supported LEED-certified homes with the U.S. Green Building Council, and I’m currently involved with our local Climate Action Collaborative. My career has equipped me with a deep understanding of how we can build prosperity while reducing pollution, which will allow me to help our communities work together to get the balance right.

I’m raising my children, Odin and Aelyn, here to respect and honor the values we hold dear, and I’m committed to providing them with the life we are blessed to enjoy. With your vote, I would be honored to lend my skills to Holy Cross as it continues to provide reliable, low-cost clean energy now and for future generations.

Thomas Henderson
Howdy Members, I am Thomas Henderson born and raised in Glenwood Springs, CO. After High School attended Colorado State University after 4 years graduated with a degree in Business. I have worked as an Accountant in Vail, Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs, Littleton, Silverthorne, and Gypsum Colorado. As a lifetime resident, the appreciation of the outdoors has always been a focus. My real accomplishment has been raising my daughters in Colorado and taking my 4 grandchildren to the places and activities most appreciated when I was their age. With constant growth on the Western Slope of Colorado we have and must be diligent with the limited recourses available. My 20 solar panels have been a wonderful addition to my house. There are issues with most all types of alternative energy available. We must strive to maintain a clean environment which we can all enjoy and leave for our heritage. Watching the oil shale boom turn into a bust and enjoying the world class skiing available in Colorado and its growth to such grand business has been a very fulfilling experience. I sure believe that I can be of value to the Holy Cross Electric Association from an accounting and numbers view to planning to accommodate the future growth and show the respect for the good job done by the association in the past. I will appreciate and look forward to your support.

Keith Klesner
Holy Cross Energy has been a leader in renew­able energy and we should continue and build on that legacy for our communities to thrive. As your representative to the HCE Board of Directors from the Eagle and Gore Valleys, I will focus on sustainability, resilience, and affordability of our energy system.

As a veteran, I was engrained to act with integrity first and excellence thru continual preparation. These are hallmarks of my career as an engi­neer of 20+ years planning reliable and efficient infrastructure for federal and corporate clients. Throughout, I have been fortunate to lead green building design and construction and integrate renewable power on dozens of projects.

At Microsoft, I master plan our cloud infrastruc­ture as we drive digital transformation. This requires extensive planning as we work to be car­bon negative by 2030. The recent power outages in Texas due to the extreme weather was heart­breaking for residents and business but prepa­ration ensured our cloud in Texas continued to serve mission critical customers. This is the same vision I bring to HCE; a vision of forward-looking, long-term investments in people, technology and infrastructure to meet member’s needs.

Power is the lifeblood for our community and continued resiliency even through wildfires or extreme weather events is key. With your vote, I will steadfastly support our energy cooperative for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges so that families, friends and businesses can thrive in the Eagle and Roaring Fork valleys.

I welcome any feedback at or Facebook @Klesner4HolyCrossEnergy.

Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne has lived in Eagle Valley for 37 years relocating from Scotland via the Bahamas where energy production was a challenge most of the time. This created an interest in finding and improving energy sources to effectively operate as head chef in an exclusive resort.

Relocating to the States, working in one of Vails’s more exclusive resorts, he realized being in busi­ness for himself, he could produce an excellent product the resorts and restaurants would want and need.

Having been in business in the Valley for 25 years he has:

  1. Created policies and procedures for food safety being a leader in the subject matter.
  2. Provided financial planning and budgeting.
  3. Reviewed and approved the annual work plans and policies.
  4. Found efficient ways to operate resulting in a profit.
  5. Hired, trained staff in proper policy for food safety.
  6. Complied with FDA and third-party require­ments for food safety.
  7. Improvised in unforeseen situations.
  8. Created general personnel and compensation to provide opportunity for locals and growth for the company.

Osborne has a keen interest in energy develop­ment and finding efficient ways to use energy in particular interest in energy storage. He is energetic and enjoys finding solutions to complex challenges.

For pastime, he enjoys traveling, fishing, hiking, and camping. His latest project and purchase is the ECOFLOW solar generator for the great outdoors.

He currently lives in Gypsum with his wife.

Adrienne Perer
My name is Adrienne Perer, I have resided in Avon for 25 years. My intention to run for the Holy Cross Energy Power Board is to bring a fresh perspective and integrity to the future of the company. We must ensure that the health and well-being of the public is above corporate profits while delivering safe, dependable electricity at an affordable price.

The recent advancements in technology and equipment have put added hazards and variables into play when considering the best way to meet our power needs safely. Raising my teenage sons is by far my most important and rewarding life experience. The modern era is wonderful and we are grateful to call the Vail Valley home, however if we are not careful there can be detrimental consequences to our health and the environment. A few years ago, Holy Cross rolled out smart meters. Meters were replaced on homes and businesses without full disclosure to the consumer regarding potential dangers. No health studies were conducted to weigh the risks associated with the RF Radiation emitted by smart meters. The opt out-program was to give residents a choice – did they know the stakes involved with their decision? This choice was not offered to commercial premises. My highest priority when elected, will be to ensure transparency and provide information to the consumer weighing benefits or concerns for smart meters and the smart power grid. Only then can we make informed decisions about what is best for our homes, families and business.

Southern District

Brian Davies
I first became a Holy Cross Member in 1992 when living in Basalt and then again in 2004 when we moved back to the valley. I am currently the COO for Aspen Country Day School and during my time in the valley, I have worked as a technology consultant for local businesses, the Aspen Skiing Company as an instructor and snowmaker, I have been a volunteer Captain with Roaring Fork Fire Rescue, and a member of several community boards and organizations. I grew up in Aspen and attended Hobart College for an undergraduate degree and University of Denver for a graduate degree in Master of Business Administration.

I view Holy Cross as a leader in rural electric providers and a model for others to follow. I believe energy can be delivered reliably, affordably, and sustainably through forward-looking investments and strategies and then return equity and value to our members. Our community and members can continue to drive innovation in energy sustainability by the choices and investments we make. Ensuring we have a well-run infrastructure that is resilient against natural disasters and other market operators is another priority. I enjoy working with the community, listening to their concerns and issues, and developing consensus-based solutions that benefit all concerned. I look forward to being able to represent Holy Cross Members as a Director.

Robert Gardner
It has been an honor and privilege to serve the consumer-members of Holy Cross Energy as a member of the Board of Directors since 2012.  I am seeking reelection to the Board to continue the work my fellow Board members, Holy Cross’s skilled and professional staff and I are engaging in to lead the responsible transition to a clean energy future.

Holy Cross is not your typical electric utility. As a not-for-profit rural electric cooperative, Holy Cross is not motivated by making money. It is motivated to serve consumer-members by providing safe, reliable electric service, a progressively decarbonized power supply, competitively priced, affordable electricity and consumer-member services, including programs that foster efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. Over the past few years, Holy Cross’s electric rates have been unchanged and in the lower third of all Colorado utilities while refunding nearly $10 million in member equity to members. At the end of 2020, Holy Cross announced a strategic plan to reach 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030 and ended 2020 receiving 44% of its power supply from renewable generation.

I am a lifelong resident of this region. I attended local schools and graduated from Colorado State University. In 2005, I retired from a 30-year career with Holy Cross.

I will continue to dedicate my experience, knowledge and understanding of Holy Cross’s consumers and service territory, along with my commitment to provide affordable, reliable, decarbonized electric service, for the benefit of the consumer-members of Holy Cross Energy.

Brian Rose
I’m honored to seek election to the board. I am a true gear head with a passion for all things technical and a desire to examine any complex system I encounter. I have worked in the energy sector as a mechanical engineering consultant, with degrees from Cornell (BS 1994) and CU (PhD 2001) and would like to share my skills with the community.

Prior to moving to Basalt in 2014, I engineered numerous fossil fuel and renewable energy facilities including wind towers, power plant piping, boilers and generators. My work required a multi-disciplinary approach including asset management, safety, reliability, non-destructive testing, regulatory compliance and data analysis. These are key components to the robustness and reliability of complex systems such as Holy Cross’s.

My family is a proponent of renewable energy: in 2009 we built a home with solar and geothermal heating / cooling, and are designing a new energy efficient home with the same and EV connectivity. We hope to convince neighbors to make similar commitments.

For several years, I have worked on my own land-use project where I navigate regulations and negotiate with multiple jurisdictions. I collaborated briefly with Adam Palmer as part of this and hope to help continue Adam’s legacy of progressing a greener and more sustainable future.

Finally, I grew up and have worked in Japan where the approach to business, safety, technology and energy conservation differs markedly. I hope to contribute my observations from Japan to get the best-of-both worlds. I appreciate your support!



About HCE

Founded in 1939, Holy Cross Energy is a not-for-profit rural electric cooperative that provides safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy and services that improve the quality of life for more than 44,500 members and their communities in Western Colorado. Committed to leading the responsible transition to a clean energy future, HCE was named the 2020 Electric Cooperative of the Year by the Smart Electric Power Alliance for their work in clean energy. For more information on HCE, please visit


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