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Generate your own renewable energy

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Does producing your own energy get you amped? There are many different methods of generating your own power. By connecting your renewable generation system to our grid, you can benefit from net metering. Net metering credits homeowners or businesses for the electricity added to the grid from a renewable generator, such as solar panels.  And our incentive program provides money back to help cover the cost of installation.

Receive incentives for installing and producing energy

Holy Cross Energy offers incentives to members who install qualifying renewable generation at their homes or businesses. Eligible systems include those using solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal or wind energy to generate electricity.

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Looking for a solar contractor?

Finding a good solar contractor is important. Before you sign on the dotted line, HCE recommends you do your research. Like any home improvement project, if not done properly, it can cost you. Check with your friends and neighbors, look for references and reviews on the company, ask for a list of installed projects, and as with any project, get more than one estimate. HCE has a list of our Preferred Solar Installers. 

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Need to share your electricity usage data?

Finding out exactly how much electricity you use is invaluable information for solar installers. To view your electricity usage data, sign in to your SmartHub account. If you would like to share your electricity usage data please fill out our consent to disclose utility customer data form.

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