Our new energy goal is set.
70% clean energy by 2030.

Clean power. Lower emissions.

Clean Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals

Our goal is to increase the renewable electricity we provide our members from 39% (currently) to 70% by 2030, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 70%. 

To achieve this goal by 2030, we will:

  • Use clean and renewable resources to supply at least 70% of the power we provide our members, compared to 39% today;
  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our power supply by 70% from 2014 levels; compared to 25% today; and
  • Accomplish both of these goals with no additional increase in the cost of power supply.

The responsible path forward

With advances in technology and changes in energy markets, we now have the opportunity to bring on new cleaner energy resources at costs comparable to our existing supply. This will allow us to meet our clean energy goals at no additional cost while maintaining the reliable and safe service our members have come to expect.

Our pathway to 70% by 2030


Increase our purchase of renewable energy


Reduce our dependence on coal-fired power generation


Improve the energy efficiency of our network: buildings, vehicles, and businesses connected to it


Accelerate investments in new renewable energy resources directly connected to our electric distribution grid and the homes and businesses we serve

Reaching our goal together. Today.

You have the power to support renewable energy projects and improve energy conservation. Our programs and services can help you meet your sustainability goals and help us meet ours.


Making the switch to renewable energy is easy and affordable. By participating in our Renewable Energy Purchasing program you can power your home or business solar, wind and hydro power.

Renewable energy

We are working towards a future that increasingly includes clean, renewable and sustainable energy. With harnessed energy from the sun,…

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