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Paint a transformer

Transform-ers into works of art

Transformer boxes are the green utility boxes you see along neighborhood sidewalks, in courtyards and along business properties. These boxes take higher voltage electricity from HCE’s distribution system and transform it into lower voltages appropriate for use in homes and businesses.

HCE is sometimes approached about painting transformer boxes. Individuals or organizations wanting to paint or wrap our utility boxes are asked to review our guidelines and fill out the below form, to be reviewed by HCE.

Guidelines for painting HCE pad-mounted transformers:

  • All HCE pad-mounted equipment should have 4 feet of clearance on all sides. When there is a door on the equipment that distance increases to 10 feet of clearance necessary in front of the door.
  • Please keep in mind equipment may be changed out by HCE at any time. HCE will replace all equipment with our standard green paint.
  • Approvals for artwork must be given by HCE before any work is done by applicants.
  • HCE promotes artwork in public spaces, artwork containing messaging will not be considered.
  • If approved, the paint to be used on the equipment should be similar in quality to Rustoleum Gloss Enamel or its equivalent.
  • Inappropriate depictions, etc. are not acceptable.
  • Do not cover over any stickers, placards, or name plates, these are critical to our work and your safety.


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