HCE has partnered with Colorado-based Copper Labs to provide 250 wireless energy monitors on a first-come, first-served basis to our membership at no charge. The wireless energy monitor, called Copper, provides insights into your energy consumption to help you make more mindful energy choices. Copper is available for both residential and commercial members.

Copper uses your Wi-Fi signal, paired with a mobile app on your smartphone, to monitor your energy use in near real-time. It uses machine learning to read your meter data and develops a unique energy profile for each member.  Data is not provided on individual circuits but on all the energy use associated with your meter.

Members participating in HCE’s Peak Time Payback (PTP) program will benefit from the near real-time meter data to more actively control their electricity usage and receive credits on their bill for their reduction in energy use during PTP events.

Interested in monitoring your energy data with Copper? Complete the form below, and if you meet the eligibility requirements, HCE will provide you with one at no cost, as supplies last.

Program details

  • Works with all voltages (120/208/240/277/480).
  • The device will need Wi-Fi access to work properly.
  • Access the data on Copper by downloading an app on your smartphone (works with Apple and Android phones).
  • The device needs to be plugged in within 50 feet of your HCE meter.
  • Currently, we can only provide one device per site.
  • Because we have a limited number of Coppers, we ask all members who receive a Copper to install the device within 60 days so that you receive the full benefit of the device.
  • HCE will access the data from your Copper just like we do your meter data.
  • Members who have opted out of AMI metering are not eligible for this program.
  • Members enrolled in Power+ are not eligible for the Copper program because the same data is provided through a different platform.
  • If the device is not installed within 60 days, we will have to charge you $100.
  • Please visit if you need help setting up your device or if you need to return your device.

Don’t forget to plug it in.

You have 60 days from the date of delivery to install your Copper. If you are unable to install your Copper within 60 days we will have to charge you $100 on your next bill. You don’t want that to happen. We don’t want that to happen.

Copper application


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