Charge at work.

Plug in at work and return home fully charged

For many, workplace charging is what makes owning an electric car feasible. As one of the most effective ways to encourage EV adoption, we are partnering with local businesses to provide cost-effective workplace charging solutions.

Want EV charging at your workplace?

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Federal tax credit on EV charging equipment

You may be eligible for a Federal tax credit for installation of an electric vehicle charger.


  • HCE will offer assistance related to the purchase and installation of a commercial charging station.
  • You hire an electrician of your choice to install the charger.
  • You can either pay your electrician for the installation or have us cover your upfront costs and spread it over 36 months on your electric bill.


The program is exclusively for commercial HCE members. Your HCE account needs to be in good standing (no more than 2 delinquent payments in 12 months). Limit four per commercial member. 

Trouble-free evaluation and planning

If providing EV charging is right for your workplace, we’re ready to help. We will visit the site, identify and discuss any potential challenges, and provide recommendations for a charging solution that’s best for your workplace.

How to get workplace charging if you’re an employee

Make the first move by starting the conversation with your employer. If they seem interested, give us their contact information and we’ll take it from there.

Contact Mike Steiner
(970) 947.5438

Rebate for ChargePoint level II chargers

$600 rebate is available for multifamily, workplace or electric fleet vehicles not open to the public.

The Case for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are taking over. A short video by Joel Dyar, filmed at the Experience Electric Road Show event hosted by CLEER and Western Colorado Alliance

Benefits of providing EV charging at work

Offering EV charging has many benefits to employers

Innovative workforce

Attract talent and increase employee satisfaction

Make a statement

Enhance your businesses sustainability practices

Support EV adoption

Help increase the convenience and affordability of driving electric

Charger for work 

Our recommended solution for workplace charging

ChargePoint CT4000

Rugged, commercial charging station with multiple chargers and power management

Full control and easy management

Station owners keep full control of their chargers’ operation settings. From a dedicated online portal, you can easily manage how EV drivers access your charging stations, including user fees and billing method. Get instant access to detailed data reports to track charging station usage and electricity consumption.


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