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100x30 Our journey continues 100% clean energy by 2030

A clean energy future.

Our goal is to increase the renewable electricity we provide to our members all the way to 100% by 2030, and completely offset our greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2035.

To achieve this goal by 2030, we will need to partner with our members and communities to incorporate new, clean, dispatchable resources into our power supply mix.

Today, 50% of HCE’s power supply comes from clean energy resources, mainly from renewables (solar, wind, biomass, and hydro) but also from coal-mine methane recovery, which helps to address climate change. Another 4% of HCE’s power supply comes from renewable energy resources purchased directly by members through HCE’s PuRE program.

HCE members have consistently asked for aggressive climate action, with several of our local governments declaring climate emergencies. In response to this member interest, HCE has consistently supported and voluntarily exceeded legislative targets established for larger utilities to increase clean and renewable energy percentages.

As we add more clean and renewable energy in our power supply, we must ensure the safety, affordability, and reliability of our electric service. This goal is just one piece of our new overall Strategic Plan. All of the goals in that plan are equally important and interlinked. We will not achieve the clean energy goal at the cost of a system that is unreliable, unsafe, or uneconomic.

Read our Strategic Plan to learn how HCE will be leading the responsible transition to a clean energy future.

Our commitment is not merely an aspirational goal but accompanied by a set of discrete and realistic actions that we will take to make it a reality.

To reach our new goal of 100×30, we will focus on five specific initiatives:

Energy Efficiency: HCE will continue to work with its members to improve the energy efficiency of existing uses of electricity, to obtain an additional 0.25% per year of energy efficiency improvements.

Cleaner Wholesale Power Supply: Where feasible and cost-effective, HCE will coordinate with its wholesale power supplier, Public Service Company of Colorado, to further incorporate new, clean, dispatchable resources into HCE’s power supply mix, either as dedicated resources or as part of a broader wholesale power mix.

Local Clean Energy Resources: HCE will continue our existing power purchase agreements for energy from local biomass, hydro, solar, and coal mine methane projects that presently make up 13% of our total power supply resources.

Distributed Energy Resources: HCE will also continue its commitment to support at least 2 MW per year of new rooftop solar systems through generous rebates, programs, and rate designs that encourage our members to combine rooftop solar systems with onsite energy storage to aid the integration of these resources into the existing electric grid in a way that provides benefits for all HCE members.

Smart Electrification:Through rebates, rate and tariff design, and innovative programs, HCE will encourage the expanded use of electricity for transportation, building heating and cooling, and industrial processes in a way that results in net cost savings to the member, net emissions reductions, or both.

News & Media contact

Jenna Weatherred
VP, Member & Community Relations

Holy Cross Energy
3799 Highway 82,
PO Box 2150
Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81602


Join us on our journey to 100%

You have the power to support renewable energy projects and improve energy conservation. Our programs and services can help you meet your sustainability goals and help us meet ours.