Membership is the heart of the co-op.

HCE members are the heart and core of the cooperative.

We are a not-for-profit organization of 48,000 strong –  families, employers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday people working, living, and playing in the mountains of Colorado.

As members, we are connected by community, concern for our neighbors, environmental stewardship, and shared financial well-being. 

Our pioneer spirit started over 80 years ago and lives on today as we adapt and adjust to an evolving membership. Members are no longer just electricity consumers, but energy providers and partners contributing to the good of the grid.

You earn Member Equity!

As a not-for-profit electricity provider, we allocate any annual revenue that exceeds expenses back to our members in the form of Member Equity. Part of each year’s Member Equity is paid to recent members, while another part is reserved to be paid back on a 25-year-or-less rotation.

We are better together.

Membership is the cooperative difference.

You are a member of our cooperative, which means you are also an owner! Our membership group works together for our shared wellbeing and long-term financial resiliency. We are a not-for-profit, meaning any excess revenue is invested back in our cooperative or returned to our members (unlike investor-owned utilities that pay dividends to shareholders).

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