Unclaimed Capital Credits

photo of moneyAre you a past member of Holy Cross Energy?

If so, we might owe you money.  Each year when we mail our member equity checks out to our members, some checks are returned. Members often move and forget to tell us and we don’t know where to find them.

If you no longer receive your electricity from HCE and you believe that a check has not reached you, please complete the inquiry form below.  We will then let you know if we are holding funds in your name. Proper id will be required to claim any funds.

If you are currently a HCE member and have not cashed a member equity check, that check will become void in 180 days and the unclaimed amount will automatically be added to your next equity check.


Unclaimed Capital Credit

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All equity checks mailed before 2015 that are still unclaimed on January 1, 2018 will be assigned to HCE to be used for the good of the membership.

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