Secondary Junction Boxes

October 25, 2010

In an effort to reduce the need for electricians to access Holy Cross transformers, Holy Cross Energy has adopted the use of secondary junction boxes on our system. When building a temporary, new or upgraded service to a pad mounted transformer, please contact the Holy Cross Engineering Department before you begin work. This will allow the Engineering Department to determine if a secondary box will be utilized and if so where it shall be placed. The boxes will be supplied by Holy Cross and are available for pick-up at our Glenwood Springs and Eagle-Vail office locations. Owner provided boxes will not be accepted. Any change in the specified location must be approved by the Holy Cross Engineering Department. Failure to gain approval may result in the need for the box to be relocated at the owner's expense.

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Services Department for assistance.


Russ Winder
Utility Development Supervisor

Secondary Junction Boxes

  1. The developer, owner or electrician shall install the secondary junction box according to Holy Cross Energy specifications and directions.
  2. Secondary junction boxes shall be installed in the position determined by a Holy Cross Engineering or Operations representative.
  3. Secondary junction boxes shall be installed on level ground and backfilled around the outside to the ground level mark on the outside of the secondary junction box (see attached drawing), note that the interior ground level will be below the exterior, no fill shall be placed inside the junction box. Backfill shall be done after the HCE wire is installed.
  4. The secondary junction box location shall be over-excavated by 6" and bedded with a 6" depth of 3/4" gravel to allow for improved access for future conduits and wires.
  5. The party responsible for installation of the secondary junction box shall confirm the secondary conduit entrance location with Holy Cross. Failure to install the conduit as directed by Holy Cross may result in the need for the conduit to be moved/reinstalled.
  6. Secondary conduit sizes shall be limited to no larger than 3" diameter and limited to no more than 6 consumer conduits per pedestal.
  7. The conduit shall be cut off no more than 3" above the interior ground line.
  8. It is recommended that the consumers conduit inside the junction box be sealed with foam to prevent dirt from entering the conduit.
  9. The electrician shall pull in enough wire to leave 18" of excess above the top of the secondary junction box when the lid is off.

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