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We have received reports of scam callers reaching out to our members and threatening to shut off electric service unless payment is made. Please remain vigilant to these scammers and do not provide any payment information over the phone.

Our Member Services team does not take credit card information by phone. HCE uses a secure automated pay-by-phone system (1.877.833.2555).

Signs of a scam call include a sense of urgency and actions that do not align with HCE procedures, which includes:

  • Threatening to disconnect service if payment is not made immediately by phone
  • Demanding a pre-paid credit card so there is no dispute with the bank
  • A specific name or truck number of the person coming to disconnect service

We encourage members to report scams by giving our Member Services team a call at 970.945.5491

Use SmartHub to sign up for auto pay and check account status

Members can protect themselves from scam calls by enrolling in auto pay via SmartHub. Auto pay is a free service that ensures monthly payments are made automatically on the due date, eliminating any risk for non-payment and disconnect status. Check out our auto pay instructions to learn more. Members can also use SmartHub to check their account status.