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What is the Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation?

The Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation is a non-profit fund, primarily generated by and benefiting customers of Holy Cross Energy. The funds are administered and distributed according to the directions of a volunteer board made up, in part, of Holy Cross consumers.

Who is Eligible to Request Assistance?

Family or individual applicants must generally be residents of Eagle, Garfield or Pitkin counties, and must have lived in the area for at least 90 days. Organizations for which applications are submitted must generally operate within the same counties as identified above.

How Do I Apply for Assistance?

Anyone with a specific funding need can make application to the Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation Board. There are two different applications – one for families or individuals, and a second for organizations. Forms are available online at under “Community” or by calling Holy Cross Energy at (970) 945-5491 and asking for extension #5506 or #5431

Guidelines for Applications:

In addition to filling out the form COMPLETELY, the following are items to consider when completing the application.

  • Make a specific request, telling the Board exactly how much money you are requesting, and carefully explain how you intend to use the funds. Any additional information you can supply in the form of a letter attached to the formal application is extremely helpful to the Board in making decisions regarding these requests.
  • If the funds are being requested to purchase a new item or for a repair, please include two or three estimates for the item or work. We require that at least one estimate be from a vendor or supplier within Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties if at all possible.
  • List other sources of funding or assistance that are available to you; outline which sources you are pursuing, the amounts requested, and state any amounts already awarded.
  • Applicants may be asked to come before the Board in person prior to final approval of their request for funding.

The Board reviews each application and tries to fund applications that will produce the greatest impact for the largest number of people.  Family or individual applications must demonstrate that the monies received will assist in meeting their current needs as specifically identified in the application. The maximum amount available to fund per grant is $1,000. Accountability for approved funding may be required.


  • No application will be considered for funding payments of utility bills (i.e. gas, water, phone, electric, sewer).
  • No application will be considered for funding of organizational operational costs.
  • No application will be considered for funding of routine dental and medical costs, or other normal recurring expenses.
  • Approved funding will generally be expected to be spent in the fiscal year in which it is requested.

Where Do I Mail My Completed Application Packet?

Completed Applications should be returned to:
Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation
3799 Highway 82
PO Box 2150
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

How Quickly Will the Board Respond to My Request?

The Foundation Board meets monthly to review pending applications. Applications must be received prior to the 10th day of the month in which the Board meets in order to be included for consideration. While there is no way to estimate how long it will take to process your application, we will contact you either in writing or by e-mail when any decision is made regarding the request. We ask that any inquiries about your request be sent in writing.

Due to the volunteer nature of our Board, we are unable to handle inquiries about application status via telephone or in person.  However, if you need assistance in completing the application, or have any other questions about the application process, please call Holy Cross Energy at (970) 945-5491 and ask for extension #5506 or #5431.

Round-Up Individual Assistance Application (Printable)

Round-Up Individual Application Online

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If your Application for Donation is approved, may we use your name and/or photo in Holy Cross Energy publications to promote the Round-Up Program? Your answer will not affect any decisions regarding this application.

The information in this Application is for the confidential use of the Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation and is given for the purpose of receiving funding from the Foundation. By signing, I understand that the information provided is true in all respects and is being relied upon in deciding to award any grant to me. In addition, if circumstances change after the date this Application is submitted for consideration, then I have an affirmative duty to contact the Foundation and update any information so that at all times the information is true and correct in all respects. I authorize the Board of the Foundation to make all inquiries it deems necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made in this Application.

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