Renewable Energy Standard

Holy Cross Energy is subject to Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes § 40-2-124 (5.5) and applicable portions of Colorado Public Utilities Commission Rule 3662. As a cooperative electric association serving fewer than 100,000 retail meters in the state of Colorado, Holy Cross must generate or cause to be generated eligible energy in the following minimum amounts:

1%          2008-2010

3%          2011-2014

6%          2015-2019

10%        2020 and thereafter

For compliance years 2020 and thereafter, Holy Cross must supply 1% of its retail sales from renewable distributed generation, of which 50% must be from retail renewable distributed generation.

The report filed with the Colorado PUC for compliance year 2017 is available at the link below.  Previous RES report filings can be found on the Colorado Public Utility Commission's E-Filing System.

Holy Cross 2017 RES Report

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