Identity Theft "Red Flags" Rule

The Federal Trade commission (FTC) issued rules in November 2007 to implement the Fair & Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003. One of the main objectives of this Act is to prevent and mitigate identity theft. As a qualifying "Creditor", Holy Cross Energy is required to comply with this new Identity Theft "Red Flags" Rule. This compliance has prompted us to modify the way in which we handle access to account information. Only the consumer of record, or duly authorized individual(s) will be able to access or change account information. Our consumer representatives will assist you in setting up a unique password for identification purposes. Please understand these changes have been implemented for your protection.

You may access the Official Rule from the Federal Trade commission at: New Identity Theft "Red Flags" Rule Go to page 63,771. FTC's rules start in the middle of the page. "Red Flags" Rule is 16 DFR § 681.2.

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