Report Power Outage, Emergency or Hazard

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To report electric power outages, emergencies or hazards, please call:

970-945-5491 or 970-949-5892

Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Current Outage Map

Before Reporting a Power Outage, Please Read This

Check your circuit breakers or fuses. The loss of power could be a tripped breaker or blown fuse. A tripped breaker can be reset by tripping it all the way off and tripping it back on. Fuses should be replaced by a new fuse with the same amp rating. Your circuit breakers or fuses are housed in a main panel box which could be located inside or outside your house.

Check your neighborhood to determine if the electricity is off in your entire area. This information is helpful when reporting the power outage.

Information to Provide When Reporting a Power Outage

  • The name in which the electric service account is listed, your name and your telephone number.
  • The location of the electric service and the account number from the billing statement, if available.
  • Other information, such as what time the power went off, prevailing weather conditions and local construction activity would help Holy Cross personnel locate and repair the problem as quickly as possible.

Power and Power Quality

The voltage stability and availability of electric power is of the utmost concern to Holy Cross. Holy Cross strives to provide the highest levels of power quality possible. Unfortunately, there are circumstances beyond Holy Cross's control that affect the quality of power it delivers. Severe storms, lightning, accidents involving power lines, equipment failure, power supply problems, vandalism and normal system operation can cause power outages and/or voltage instability which may damage appliances, electronic devices and other electric powered equipment. Having used reasonable diligence, Holy Cross shall not be liable to the consumer for any damages occasioned by electric service irregularities or interruptions. Consumers are encouraged to install protective equipment such as surge suppressors and Universal Power Supply devices to protect their equipment and devices. As a service to its consumers, Holy Cross sells and installs meter-based surge protection equipment to protect the consumer's equipment and devices from voltage irregularities.

Access to Electric Meters and Transformers

Holy Cross consumers shall provide and maintain satisfactory, unencumbered access to electric meters and transformers without expense to Holy Cross. Access to meters and transformers must be kept clear of stored items, firewood, landscaping, snow, ice and any other type of obstruction.

Report Outage

This report is sent directly to Holy Cross Dispatch and will be read during the hours of 6:00am to 11:00pm. If you have submitted this report after 11:00pm and before 6:00am, you will need to call the after hours answering service at 970-945-5491 or 970-949-5892.

Report an Outage

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