Warning! Scam Alert!

WARNING:  Bill Payment Scam Active in Glenwood Springs, Eagle, Avon and Vail

In recent days, members have reported receiving phone calls demanding immediate payment or their power will be shut off. This is a scam. Be aware this is not a legitimate request and we would never reach out to our members demanding immediate payment.

Scammers are posing as HCE employees and are using deceptive tactics to make it appear to Caller ID that the scam call is coming from HCE when it is not. Members are being instructed to go to City Market or Walgreens and make a payment using a green dot credit card.

If you believe you have been contacted by a scammer notify your local law enforcement agency.

Reminder: Holy Cross Energy will only contact its members regarding past due accounts, but will not request credit card payments over the phone. The only legitimate payment options for Holy Cross members are our pay-by-phone IVR 877-833-2555 and SmartHub web portal.

For further information you may contact our offices at; Avon office 970-949-5892, or Glenwood Springs 970-945-5491.

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