eGallon FAQs

Note: This eGallon data and methodology was drawn from the Department of Energy. The only difference in calculation methodology is electric rates specific to Holy Cross Energy were used, rather than national or state average kWh rates. For more detail on the data and methodology used please visit the following website:

What is an eGallon?
An eGallon is a fuel cost comparison between an electric vehicle (EV) and a gasoline vehicle.

Did you know?
It costs about half as much to drive an electric vehicle as a gasoline powered vehicle.

Data and Methodology:
The eGallon represents how much it would cost to drive an EV the same distance as a conventional vehicle on one gallon of gasoline.

An eGallon is calculated by multiplying the cost of electricity or the electric price (EP) by the average comparable passenger car adjusted combined fuel economy (FE) by the average fuel consumption of popular electric vehicles (EC). 
eGallon ($/gas) = FE X EC X EP

eGallon Calculation Example


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