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Ready to Charge?

If you’ve been approved for a free EV charger and aren’t sure what to do next, follow these steps.

Step 1

Sign on the dotted line.
Review and electronically sign the program agreement that was sent to your email. The agreement needs to be signed before you pick up your EV charger.
HCE Service Agreement Participants:

If you’ve signed up for the HCE Service Agreement to spread the cost of electrical work and installation on your electricity bill over three years, there are a few extra steps you need to take, in red below

Step 2

Get bids for the electrical work & choose a contractor.
Request bids from electricians for the installation of your EV charger.
HCE Service Agreement Participants:

Please let your contractor know you are participating in the program. You are responsible for providing your contractor with charger installation instructions. All resources they need can be found on our EV resources page.

Step 3

Pick up your EV charger.

Either you or your contractor can pick up the EV charger from the HCE office selected on your application. Please provide your reference code at the time of pick-up.

You have 60 days to install, activate and join the Holy Cross EV network.

If you do not complete all steps within 60 days, you will be charged $650 for the charger on your next electric bill.

Step 4

Install the charger.

From the green navigation bar, click Billing & Payments to reveal… ahh  you guessed it! AUTO PAY PROGRAM (it’s just a link… hope we didn’t get you too worked up)

You will receive a confirmation that your Auto Pay Payment Account has been set up successfully.

Need more help? If you are reading this, chances are things didn’t go as planned. That’s okay, you’re not alone and we’re happy to help. Give us a call and we’ll get you set up in no time!

(970) 945-5491

HCE Service Agreement Participants:

Have your contractor send us the bill. When your electrician has finished installing the charger have them send us the final invoice.

Step 5

Activate your charger.

To activate your charger, turn on Bluetooth and WiFi, download the free ChargePoint mobile app on your phone and follow setup instructions. Activation allows you to schedule charging, view and track your charging data, set charging reminders and update charger software.

Step 6

Connect to HCE’s EV Network.

Follow the EV network connect guide (pdf). This can be done from desktop computer or a mobile device. Having trouble connecting to our network? Chargepoint customer service representatives can help walk you through the process. Give them a call at 1-888-758-4389.

Congratulations – you successfully activated your EV charger!

HCE Service Agreement Participants:

Look at that spread! Your contractor’s invoice amount will be spread over 36 months on your electricity bills. Once the invoice is submitted, you will see this amount applied to the next bill.

Level 2 charging Installation

Need help installing or activating your level 2 charger?

Check out our EV program resources for support.

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