LivingWise with Fifth-Graders

LivingWise® with Fifth-Graders

Since 2003, Holy Cross Energy has sponsored an energy conservation and efficiency education/outreach program targeted to reach fifth-graders at various schools within our service territory. The Holy Cross Energy LivingWise® Program educates fifth-grade students about using energy and water resources wisely. This flexible and turnkey program provides teachers with education materials, lesson plans, activity books, and other engaging activities that can be used inside and outside the classroom. Program content supports Colorado Core Curriculum Standards, builds science and math skills, and increases knowledge of energy efficiency. When education is fun, change is inevitable! With this fun-filled program, teachers, kids, and parents/guardians alike can get excited about the benefits of using less energy and helping to protect the environment.

Holy Cross Energy has a genuine concern for the community and our member’s needs. We want to educate, motivate, and activate our young people and members on how important it is to reduce waste around the home and use our energy and water resources wisely.

Want to know what’s in the kit? Interested in finding out more about this program?

Program Description

The LivingWise® Program was developed by teachers, for teachers, and emphasizes resource conservation education. The program teaches students and families about:

  • The value of natural resources
  • How electricity is created and distributed
  • The power of individual and collective action
  • The benefits of energy-efficient behaviors
  • The relationship between energy and water
  • The technology available to help reduce energy and water use

Learning does not stop in the classroom! Every student receives his/her own Activity Kit as a homework project, which helps students apply their classroom lessons into their homes quickly and easily. Parents, along with other siblings, are involved in the homework assignments and assist in the installation of the kit devices. The knowledge is shared with the entire family, not just the students.  

Participation is easy for teachers. In return for their participation, students pledge to save energy every day and complete four short surveys. Responses help Holy Cross Energy gauge the knowledge gained by each student during the program. These responses also help determine the annual resource savings potential from the participants for the benefit of the community. When students take the pledge and return their surveys they receive a program wristband! Self-addressed postage-paid return envelopes are provided to teachers so that they can easily return completed student forms.

LivingWise® Activity Kit

Participating students and their teachers receive a take home activity kit that includes the following:

  • High Efficiency Showerhead
  • 13 Watt Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
  • 18 Watt Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
  • 23 Watt Compact Fluorescent Light Blub
  • Limelight® Night Light
  • Filter tone® Alarm
  • Kitchen Aerator
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Mini Tape Measure
  • Flow rate test bag
  • Toilet leak detector tablets
  • Installation instruction booklet

Display of Classroom Materials

LivingWise® Classroom Materials

Teachers in participating schools will receive the following items to distribute to their students:

  • Teacher Folder - with complete, easy to implement instructions
  • Student Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Wristband
  • Wristband Post Card
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Parent Letter
  • Parent Comment Card
  • LivingWise Installation DVD and VHS
  • Scantron Form


If your fifth-grade classroom is interested in participating in the LivingWise Program, please contact Eileen Wysocki by phone at (970) 947-5508 or e-mail at

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