Holy Cross Energy buys local community solar arrays

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLO., October 20, 2020 — Holy Cross Energy (HCE) announced today that it has purchased three community solar farm developments from Clean Energy Collective (CEC) as part of CEC’s recent decision to exit the power supply business.

This purchase will allow HCE to provide services to CEC solar energy customers from three community solar arrays within HCE territory. The projects are located at the Rifle Airport and within the Roaring Fork Valley.

CEC recently reorganized its operations and because of these changes has offered these assets to be transferred to HCE for the benefit of its members.

Today more than 230 HCE members are participating in these CEC projects, which were a first-of-its-kind development of a Community Solar model for the utility industry.

HCE members own the solar panels while HCE now owns the infrastructure.  The electricity produced from the arrays is sold to HCE. Revenues from the power sales provide credits to the participating members which help to offset their power costs.

HCE has developed three options for its 230 members who own panels in these community solar arrays:  they can continue selling power to HCE, HCE will purchase the remainder of their contract with CEC and provide the power to all its members or the member can remove their panels from the community arrays.