Friendly reminders from our crews in the community

Social Distancing

We love chatting with our members. Unfortunately, in this time of social distancing, it’s best if members don’t come out to chat with our line crews  as they perform essential tasks right now. As for

Interested in what’s going on in your neighborhood? Give our Member Services Representatives a call at 945-5491 and they can give you the scoop!

Tree trimming

As an essential business, members may start to see our tree-trimmers out and about, making sure our poles and wires are free of debris. HCE crews will be following social distancing protocols – be sure to wave from afar if you see them!

What is a blink?

“Blinks” are a natural part of our electricity system and are good for preventing prolonged power outages. Unfortunately, they aren’t good for unsaved documents. In this working-from-home environment, be sure to save your work often to prevent any data being lost.

Surge protectors (instead of plugging directly into an outlet) are a great way to prevent blinks from ruining your work. Options for members can be found on the HCEstore