Board of Directors Elections

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Meet the Candidates

This year, we have two candidates running for one seat representing our Northern District.


All members can vote – online, by mail, or in person at the Annual Meeting.

May 8 – June 4

As an HCE member, your involvement is essential to the health of the co-op. You have a voice and the right to vote for your Board of Directors.

Directors serve four-year terms and are elected by the entire Membership.  The election schedule follows a four-year pattern to elect Directors from the following districts:

  • 2024: Northern District only
  • 2025: Northern District & Southern District
  • 2026: Northern District & Southern District
  • 2027: Northern District & Western District

This spring, we are holding an election for one four-year term in our Northern District, which is comprised of the entire Eagle Valley from Vail to Dotsero.

The Northern District shall be defined as and include Townships 2 through 5 South, Ranges 87 and 88 West and Townships 2 through 6 South, Ranges 79 through 86 West, generally described as the Gypsum to Vail area. The Northern District shall be represented by four Directors.

Meet The Candidates

Keith Klesner
Eagle, CO

Matt Solomon
Eagle, CO

Candidate Bios

Keith Klesner

Hi, I’m Keith Klesner. It’s been my honor to serve as your Holy Cross Board director for these past three years, advancing our journey to 100% renewable power while holding rates steady and keeping the lights on.

I am a husband, dad, engineer and US Air Force veteran fortunate to live in Eagle CO with my wife, Katie, two wonderful kids, Eva and Corbin and our dog Mookie. Our family believes in this special place and loves mountain biking, soccer and coaching/racing alpine and nordic skiing. I serve on the Adam Palmer Sustainability Fund Board and with the Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission, working to help make local growth sustainable and to tackle big issues like housing.

I couldn’t be more proud of the nation-leading progress we’re making at Holy Cross. We’re blazing a trail to a cheaper, cleaner, more local energy future with solutions that are saving members millions while reducing pollution.

To date, our journey has achieved 74% renewable power and saved our members over $30M – with over $75M in savings expected this decade. This has allowed Holy Cross to avoid any cost increases since the pandemic and invest in wildfire mitigation and cyber security defenses.
With your support, I am energized to continue this important work at Holy Cross. I’m determined to protect our special home while helping build a more resilient, affordable, and responsible energy future for many years to come. Thank you.

Matt Solomon

I am a civic-minded entrepreneur with a broad range of experience. I am an accomplished businessman, educator, waterman, published author, and public servant. Each of these various avenues for experience and success have enabled me to have a balanced and well-rounded perspective on life, business, and community.

I spent over 20 years building businesses in the private sector while also giving back to our community in the public sector. After launching two companies internationally, I started and sold a local retail business. I was a council member for the Town of Eagle, deputy coroner, and paramedic. During this time, I was also a kayaker for Team Dagger, Vice Chair of the US Freestyle Kayak Association, and Board Member for NicaHeartbeat. I have a proven track record of working with constituents and colleagues of all backgrounds. This ability is necessary as we look for the future growth and benefit of our community.

Currently, I am a strategic consultant in a variety of industries, I manage the Northwest Colorado Energy Initiative, and I serve on the State of Colorado Broadband Deployment Board and Judicial Review Commission for District 5.

A resident of Eagle, I have travelled across the country and around the world in pursuit of experiences, fun, and employment. I strive for clients and associates to feel challenged and empowered. I want to help find pathways toward mutual success and maximum benefit.

Why do you want to serve on the Holy Cross Energy Board of Directors?

Keith Klesner

It has been an honor and privilege to serve these last 3 years on the Holy Cross Board. Our journey to 100% renewable power at HCE has kept the lights on and rates some of the lowest in the state. I bring unique skills to our board as an infrastructure engineer, sustainability leader, Spanish speaker and US Air Force veteran that add to our board’s perspective. I am running for re-election to continue HCE’s leadership for a bright future for my children and our community.

Matt Solomon

I want to continue serving and engaging as an active participant in our community. I feel that I bring knowledge and perspective to the table that will positively contribute to the decision-making process.

What do you think are the main opportunities and challenges facing Holy Cross Energy in the next 5 years?

Keith Klesner

Save our Members Money – Holy Cross has some of the lowest electricity rates in Colorado and has kept rates low even when many other utilities have raised rates on the order of 30%. However, low rates must not impact HCE’s dedicated staff including our electricians and operators, so we must continue with a budget fitting our ambitions. I will continue to be a good steward of your non-profit cooperative dollars to ensure we are financially healthy for decades to come.

Making the energy transition work for all members – New technology brings the opportunity to involve more members and expand the reach of Holy Cross programs for efficiency and electrification. Many new state and federal incentives are tax-based incentives but are not accessible to all members. I’ve been working with Holy Cross to close the gap for members so that they can participate in electrification of homes, businesses and transportation.

Cleaner, Safer Energy Future – We have many new power generation sources to choose from, and electricity can be produced on individual rooftops or local community arrays. Extra local generation can be stored in batteries or vehicles for use at a more valuable time. I will ensure Holy Cross continues the forward planning to meet the challenges of the energy transition and system growth as we have for the last 85 years.

Matt Solomon

We have countless opportunities to enable environmentally and economically sustainable solutions that best serve our community. I have often heard people say they want to have an “all of the above approach” to clean and renewable energy energies. That approach is not a solution. I want us to take the next step by engaging with “best of the above” solutions for our community and our region.

The challenges we face come in the form of conflicting legislation, mis-information, and economic tension. These are amplified by divisive and prejudicial opinions regarding energy solutions. We must have fact-based discussions with a full understanding of the state, county, and local legislation and goals balanced with real solutions that help to identify and target key economic development opportunities.

How do you believe you can contribute to the Board and our co-op?

Keith Klesner

As I have learned in the last three years on the Holy Cross board, the non-profit cooperative model is driven by local needs with a fascinating intersection of community and energy. Our board needs experience planning for the future to maintain local energy control without compromising our members’ pocketbooks. I bring engineering experience to challenges including cyber security and extreme weather resilience to protect our members’ information and our grid from being compromised.

As Chair of the communications committee I have led strategic messaging efforts to be more embracive of all HCE members. Programs like Peak Time Payback, Charge at Home/Charge at Work and more have seen tremendous growth in the last three years as we have expanded our outreach. I am proud that in my 3 years, HCE has participated in more community events for active members and those we have not historically engaged with including the Latino community. I pledge to drive further member engagement across our different communities in my next term.

Matt Solomon

I have secured federal grant funding for clean energy transition projects, which has provided education, insight, and valuable perspective for supporting and expanding the strategic plans of Holy Cross.

As the project manager for the Northwest Colorado Energy Initiative and as a former Council Member for the Town of Eagle, I have cultivated a deep understanding of local and regional energy discussions and goals. anding of the state, county, and local legislation and goals balanced with real solutions that help to identify and target key economic development opportunities.

Candidate Video Q&A


All members can vote regardless of the district in which they reside.

Look for your emailed and mailed election packet in mid-May.

Members may vote any one of these ways:


Through a link that will be emailed to you, or through your SmartHub account, or through the link below.

Electronic votes must be submitted by June 4, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. MST.

By Mail

Just pop your mailed ballot back in the mail.

Mailed ballots must be received by our third-party processor by June 4, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. MST.

In-Person at our Annual Meeting

June 6, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott

In-person voting closes at 6:00 p.m.

How to run for a Board seat

Board service overview

It is important to review HCE’s Bylaws regarding directors beginning on page 4 and the corporate policy regarding board matters. A general overview of board member qualifications, time commitments, responsibilities, and compensation can also be viewed and downloaded via PDF.