Commercial rebate rules

Commercial Rebate Rules PDF

  1. Walk-through energy assessment required BEFORE any rebates are issued. Call Holy Cross at 970.947.5432 to schedule assessment.
  2. Rebates are subject to change and/or discontinuation without notice. Funding is limited. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Rebates are for existing commercial spaces except for new construction LED rebates. All measures must be installed within Holy Cross territory.
  4. Rebate checks will be sent 4-6 weeks after receiving completed rebate application.
  5. Holy Cross Energy reserves the right to inspect the installation premises.
  6. Holy Cross Energy is not liable or responsible for any act or omission of any party, consumer, or contractor whatsoever.
  7. Rebates capped at 50% of total project cost (material, contractor installed labor only) — no sales tax, shipping or handling, permit fees, or in-house labor shall be counted toward the project cost.
  8. Detailed invoice with breakout of equipment showing manufacturer and model number and labor costs for purchases and work performed must be furnished.
  9. Rebate application and associated invoices must be received no later than 180 days from date on invoice.
  10. Consumer(s) of record must have an active electric account in good standing with Holy Cross Energy (no more than 2 delinquent payments in 12 months).
  11. Total rebates per commercial member are limited to $30,000 per year; new construction rebates limited to $15,000 per project.
  12. Colorado state regulation requires proper disposal of mercury containing lamps (HIDs, all linear and u-bend fluorescents, CFLs, 2- 4-pin CFLs, circular fluorescents, etc.).
  13. Any project not on prescriptive list may be submitted for consideration under the custom efficiency program.
  14. Holy Cross Energy reserves the right to refuse payment and participation if the consumer or contractor violates program rules and procedures. Holy Cross Energy is not liable for rebates promised to consumers as a result of a contractor misrepresenting the program.
  15. Equipment must meet the technical requirements listed in the application forms. Holy Cross Energy reserves the right to withhold payment for products that do not meet the requirements. All LED lighting must be on one of the qualifying lists: Energy Star or Design Lights Consortium.

The Fine Print: If Applicant makes any misrepresentation in the Application or fails to abide by each and every term and condition of the WE CARE rebate program in effect from time to time, then after notice by HCE to Applicant of such violation the Applicant shall forthwith pay to HCE all of such rebate to HCE. If Applicant fails to pay such rebate to HCE within ten days after such notice, then Applicant shall pay in addition to such amount all of HCE’s cost of collection of such amount including without limitation all of HCE’s attorney fees. All unpaid amounts due by Applicant to HCE shall bear interest at the rate of eighteen percent per annum from the due date until paid; and such interest shall be compounded annually.