Automatic Service Transfer Agreement

If you prefer to register online, proceed to the web form below or use the printable Automatic Service Transfer Agreement Form. If you choose to use the printable form, you will need to fax, mail, or scan and e-mail the form back to Holy Cross Energy.

Holy Cross Energy
PO Box 2150
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
Phone: 970-945-5491
Glenwood Office Fax: 970-947-5465
Vail Office Fax: 970-949-4566

Automatic Service Transfer Agreement

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I hereby request that Holy Cross Energy leave the electric service to the premise described above connected in my name in the event that anyone other than myself orders it disconnected, unless the order of disconnection is by judicial and/or lawful mandate. I agree to pay a Security Deposit, if required, along with a fee of $25.00 per each occurrence of transfer or connection into my name. The $10.00 fee and Security Deposit, if required, may be added to the first bill. I agree to be responsible for any bills rendered in my name per this agreement. I agree to notify Holy Cross Energy by telephone, letter or in person in the event the service is to be disconnected instead of transferred or if I wish to terminate the AST Agreement. Holy Cross Energy is not liable in the event of any dispute as to dates of vacancy, lease or rent arrangement. Holy Cross Energy will notify applicant in writing when an automatic transfer is made. Holy Cross Energy will also provide written notification if an AST Agreement is cancelled by Holy Cross Energy. This agreement does not apply when the service is disconnected for NON-PAYMENT of bills. If either party terminates the agreement, the agreement cannot be reinstated for a minimum of one year from the date of cancellation. Upon request to reinstate, a review by management will occur. THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT INDEFINITELY UNTIL A REQUEST TO TERMINATE THE AGREEMENT IS PROVIDED.

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